Giving kids a break

Where will I be sleeping?

On your Summer Camp holiday you'll be sleeping in a big green tent with 5 or 6 of your friends (girls share with girls, boys share with boys - Phew!)

Derby Kids' Camp children's holidaysYou'll have a lovely comfy bed to sleep in, with a big thick duvet, pillow and blankets to keep you snug and warm at night. To make it extra cosy - bring your favourite teddy bear with you
(Kids Secret - all the grown-up helpers will bring theirs too!).

There will be lots of tents on our camp site, but so that you don't forget which one is yours, we'll put a sign on it with a number or a name.

There will be a light in your tent so that you can see at night when you're getting ready for bed and if you need the loo in the night (I always do!), there are lights on the Camp Site and in the toilets to point you in the right direction.

And if you have any problems at all during the night, there will always be helpers up and awake all through the night to check on you and to be there if you need any help.