Giving kids a break

What should I pack?

Derby Kids' Camp what to packYour parent(s) or carer(s) will have been given a packing list telling you all the things you'll need to pack to bring with you.


But here's your very own guide to bringing all the right stuff to look awesome and stay cosy on Camp...

You're going to be in the countryside, playing outside lots and when you're inside doing lots of crafts. So even though you might want to bring your favourite best clothes, don't bother! - bring your play clothes. It won't matter if they get dirty then will it?

It can get cold sometimes, especially at night, so if you have some nice warm jumpers and a coat, they're going to keep you super snug. And if you don't, ask your Group Leader, because Kids' Camp has loads of awesome clothes you can borrow.

Don't bring your best shoes! bring your play shoes / trainers. We'll be playing out all the time and going on lots of walks, so you want to be comfy!

Bedtime... if you've ever camped before you'll know it can get cold at night so bring your snuggliest pajamas or even better - Onesey! (the dafter the onesey the better!)

Swimming Kit -  you don't have to be a brilliant swimmer, but we'll get to paddle, have water fights and go to the swimming baths for a splash about. So don't forget your swimming costume/shorts and your towel.

Wash things and toothbrush / toothpaste - your Group Leaders are going to catch you eventually, so you'd better have your wash things ready for when they do!

Teddy Bear! nothing is more important to pack in your bag than your favourite Teddy! Every Helper will have theirs and every well-prepared child will bring theirs too!

Medicine / Inhalers - the last thing you want on your holiday is to feel poorly! So don't forget to bring any medicines, inhalers or creams with you. Ask your parent or carer to put them in a separate bag from your clothes and hand them to a Helper before you get on the coach.