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Volunteer to Cook for Derby Kids' Camp!

Date: 04.03.2019

Volunteering as a children's holiday cook with Derby Kids' Camp

Playing, exploring and camping in the great outdoors quickly works up an appetite – and that’s why we often think of our cooks as the most important people on a Derby Kids’ Camp holiday!

With 60-70 children and 30-35 volunteers on site at any one time, our Cook Teams are responsible for feeding up to 100 hungry mouths – plus often a couple of extra visitors! They do a fantastic job of catering for large groups and keeping everyone well-fed and happy throughout the holiday.

How do you cook for 100 people in a field?

Forget the images of a two-hob gas ring under a lean-to - we’ve got a Cook Tent and a range of equipment to mimic a normal kitchen environment as well as possible…whilst being in the middle of a field!

The Cook Tent is equipped with two large gas ovens and hobs, alongside a range of work surfaces so there’s plenty of space for food preparation. There are two sinks with running hot and cold water, and electric fridges in the tent. Freezers are kept in a barn just up the field and there’s another small marquee filled with shelves and boxes for food storage throughout the week.

Derby Kids' Camp Kitchen

Where do the children eat?

The biggest marquee on camp is the hub for meal times and activities throughout the week. For breakfast and dinner, the marquee is set up with tables and benches for each group to sit and eat together. Lunch times are more mixed – with packed lunches being made up and taken on day trips, and us making the most of any opportunity for a ‘picnic lunch’ outside on the field when the sun is shining!

Meal times are an important part of camp, giving the children and volunteers chance to sit together and talk about their day. The meal times help volunteers to support friendships developing within their group of children, find out how the children are feeling and get to know the children better.

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Derby Kids' Camp meal time

What food will there be?

There’s a whole range of food on offer – with hot food provided as often as possible to keep everyone feeling warm and energetic.

Breakfasts are a range of cereals, followed by something warm such as sausage or bacon sandwiches, baked beans or eggy bread.

Packed lunches are a variety of sandwiches and snacks, whilst on-site lunches are sometimes something hot such as a fish finger or veggie burger sandwich.

At dinner times we have a whole host of favourites - examples which appear regularly in the menu include:

• Sausages and mash
• Lamb stew
• A Sunday roast
• Fish fingers and potato
• Shepherd’s Pie

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Childrens memories on Derby Kids' Camp Holiday

Are there any volunteer cooking opportunities?

We’re currently recruiting volunteers for Summer Camp 2019 and have opportunities for volunteers to join our Cook Teams!

Click here to apply!

There are a number of experienced cooks returning who are able to provide support and guidance for new volunteers in the team.

Summer Camp volunteering is a 7-night residential opportunity, with volunteers camping on site throughout the week. We can usually provide spare tents and camping equipment where required.

Get in touch with us via if you have any questions.

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