Giving kids a break

Outdoor Theatre comes to Kids' Camp!

Date: 01.09.2016

We had some very special extra guests join us on Camp this Summer as outdoor theatre came indoors for one night only!..

Theatre company - The Pantaloons - were booked to perform outdoors in the village until things were looking very doubtlful due to the infamous and changeable weather we always experience on camp.

Gullivers Travels from The Pantaloons at Derby Kids' Camp

With plans to perform their critically acclaimed Gulliver's Travels in the great outdoors to an audience of over 50 paying guests, The Pantaloons Theatre Company and organisers The Royal Oak thought that it was going to be 'rain stops play' until Derby Kids' Camp came to the rescue!

Where do you put an outdoor theatre and an audience of 50 in the pooring rain? In a great big marquee of course! And so the whole production - and the 50 guests - and all the ids and helpers from Derby Kids' Camp rallied 'round to move Gulliver's Travels into the DKC marquee for one night only!

A great night was had by all, as the Pantaloons, Royal Oak, audience and Derby Kids' Camp kids and volunteers squeezed into the marquee for a brilliant night's entertainment! Many thanks and congratulations to everyone who ensured a great night's entertainment!

And thank you to the audience for your very generous impromtu donations to Camp!