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Cosy celebrates 5 years with a birthday gift for Derby Kids' Camp!

Date: 11.09.2016

Local school supply company - Cosy Direct - are celebrating their fifth anniversary in a very special way - by purchasing a farm and campsite in the heart of the Peak District to be used as a permanent home for local charity Derby Kids’ Camp.

The purchase ends a year of grave uncertainty for the local children's charity, after the field they have camped on for over 30 years was put up for sale following the death of the previous owner, John Wint. Cosy stepped in and secured the site weeks before camp was due to be built, giving Derby Kids’ Camp the security of a permanent home for many years to come.

Chairman Chris Edwards said "For Derby Kids’ Camp and many of our 150 volunteers each year, this beautiful village in the Peaks is like a second home to us – holding decades of happy memories in the area and many revisits throughout the year with our own children. 10,000 city children have been able to benefit from its gifts. The village and this farm are very much in the DNA of the volunteers – and at the heart of the matter, all our systems and processes work brilliantly in tune with the area and the support of local people."

Peter Ellse CEO of cosydirect and cosyfund founder said ; "We are proud to have been patrons of Derby Kids’ Camp from our very beginning, providing warehousing and financial support. They are a sustainable and proven success story with high ambitions for the children of Derby.

We know from talking to local headteachers, parents and children that their input is highly valued. Combined with a close up view, that reveals a level of heart and industriousness from such volunteers that we find inspirational in our business, and which makes this large community investment a no brainer for the Cosy crew.

We are a 10% social business, which means in our founding documents 10% of all profit goes to small good causes every year, many of which educationalists recommend to us. It's an extension of an approach we see many Derby businesses undertaking.

It's testament to our school customers across the country that we're able to utilise this profit to establish a permanent solution to Derby Kids’ Camp’s needs in this site and carry on John Wint's 30 year undertaking providing a green and pleasant landscape for DKC’s 300 free holidays a year"


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Cosy DIrect supports Derby Kids' Camp