The children invited on DKC holidays are nominated by the Derby City schools, rather than chosen by ourselves. Each school is given a number of children's places and their nominations are based on those children they feel would most benefit from a holiday.

What happens during the holidays?
The children experience the 'great outdoors' and have an exciting and fun-filled holiday based on the countryside, exercise, games and crafts-based activities which ensure a great holiday whilst also developing their social skills and knowledge of the wider world.
Enjoying walks, fossil hunts, nature trails, sports days and talent nights on camp, as well as trips out to local attractions and campfires at night; there is always an event or activity to suit the most lively to the most sensitive of children and bring out their best qualities.

What do the children get out of their holiday?
They get what is possibly the only break from city life they are likely to get in the year. They experience life in the countryside, see animals in their natural habitat and on the farm and above all make new friends and really build their confidence. A short break from home can have extremely positive effect for children and their parents/carers alike.