Summer Camp volunteers
Each year to run our 5 weeks of Summer Camp requires approximately 150 committed volunteers, who very kindly support us with a week of their precious time as a helper on camp.
Providing holidays for up to 60 children per week, the five groups of approx. 30 helpers look after the children and share in a fantastic holiday in the great outdoors!
Volunteering for camp might also involve cooking, helping out with equipment or welfare support; but will always involve some great walks in the countryside, campfires, trips to adventure playgrounds & swimming, craft & games, the odd impromptu water fight and generally ensuring everyone has a fantastic time!
For details of volunteering for Summer Camp, please contact our Volunteer Organiser at: volunteers@derbykidscamp.co.uk.
Please note: All DKC volunteers are subject to an advanced CRB check prior to approval.

Derby Kids' Camp is 100% funded by sponsorship, donations, fundraising events and charitable trusts. Each year costs us £30.000 ~ £35,000 and we heavily rely upon the continued amazing hard work of our fundraising team to reach this figure.
We are always looking for new ways to raise funds and would love to hear from anyone interested in joining the fundraising team, or who would like to organise an event themselves - whether it be a sponsored sporting event, dance or performance or whether you can join us in one of our bag packing or bucket shaking sessions!
Email our Fundraising Officer - Cat Howourth - at fundraising@derbykidscamp.co.uk or call us on T: 07932 395 563.
Alternatively, if you would like to make a direct donation, please click here for details.

Derby Kids’ Camp own all its own equipment to service a full operational ‘canvass village’ for five weeks each year and nearly 450 people!
Therefore, throughout the year, our merry band of equipment volunteers spend a few hours each month (Sunday mornings / Wednesday evenings) to ensure that every tent, marquee, waterproof coat and jigsaw puzzle is ship-shape for the following year!
You don’t need to be built like Samson or be handy with a hammer and saw - there’s always something for everyone to do - big or small, old or young!
If you can spare just a couple of hours once in a while to help out, please contact our Equipment Officer at equipment@derbykidscamp.co.uk

Without our volunteers, there is no Derby Kids’ Camp - thank you to every one of you for your enormous generosity and support.


Volunteers pictured at the Derby Kids' Camp 2007 events!
Shaking a bucket for Derby Kids' Camp
Fundraising euipment necessary for yearly our Camp